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STUDECOL understands that a solid educational foundation is one of the many keys to success. We are committed to identifying the student’s purpose for attending our classes and striving to make it a positive, meaningful and productive experience. Our goal is to help the parent/guardian and student learn how the student learns best and to empower each party involved to work effectively for the general success of the student.

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STUDECOL assists students through online, semi-online and offline courses tailored to the needs of the students concerned. This courses involved English language; both general and specifique( business English and TOEFL. We also assist students preparing for exams especially those in examination classes in both the Anglophone and the Francophone section. In addition, to helping students, we are concerned with short trainings organised as need arises. We certainly need teachers to tutor and train our different categories of students. If you think you can be of help, do not hesitate to apply.
Instructor rules are specific to different categories. After your application, a link for rules related to your category will be sent to your box. Contact us if you need help.
Once admitted, every instructor is supposed to prepare courses depending on wether it is to be taught online or offline.